Hey i’m Scott, a UK based photographer born and bred in Leicester.
For the past 20 odd years i’ve commuted to London to hone my craft, I started assisting other photographers at the age of 20, progressing to photographer in various studios and became Director of Photography at my last post.
Today I own my own business, one i’m truly proud of. I’m not the type of guy to blow my own trumpet but I believe I have the best job in the world!! I love to work and I work hard, from planning shoots, through to delivering images that make clients go wow!! 
I think my drive comes from my passion for Karate, something I’ve been involved in from my early teenage years, it gives you discipline and drive to never give in, no matter how hard to journey is…
An old art teacher once said to me "No matter what the subject is, it depends on how you look at it that makes it different". Something I always think about for every project.
I love playing and experimenting with light, whether it's a torch, sunlight or stuff made for photography. No matter what the source, I can create something that looks and feels like it's meant to be, and that’s what makes it special.
So if you want to work with someone with passion, who loves shiny things, and can problem solve ideas and make them happen then give me a call.
Thank you!
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